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  • Electrotettix attenboroughi

    INHS Paleontologist Sam Heads, Jared Thomas, and Yinan Wang found a new pygmy locust embedded in amber. In a paper released today, the species was described and named Electrotettix attenboroughi, in honor of Sir David Attenborough. Watch a video about their research, narrated by Attenborough

  • Opportunities

    Job opportunities available through the Illinois Natural History Survey can be found here- listings are updated as needed... Read more

  • Diseases in Reptile Populations

    INHS researchers collaborate to devise a method to detect deadly fungus in endangered snake populations.Read More -- Watch a video

  • Medical Entomology

    To provide for research on disease vectors associated with used and waste tires, and the diseases they spread... Read More

  • Aerial waterfowl inventories

    Aerial inventories of waterfowl abundance, species composition, and distribution have been conducted throughout Illinois during fall, winter, and spring migrations since 1948.

  • Color Pattern Species

    Though most people have never heard them, Collembola (a.k.a. springtails), are the second most abundant arthropods on the planet. Read more

  • White Nose Syndrome

    A multidisciplinary research team led by the Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) is studying White Nose Syndrome... Read more

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