The Asian Carp Barrier

Carp barricade turtletrap.JPGThe problem:

  • In 2010 a 13-mile concrete and steel mesh wall was put in place to keep the Des Plaines River and the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal separate during flood events.

  • The barrier keeps Asian Carp out but may also restrict animal movement (especially reptiles and amphibians) between the Des Plaines River and adjacent wetlands.

  • Twenty gates were installed in the barrier to allow animal movement and are closed during flood events.


What we've done:

  • We conducted visual surveys for reptiles and amphibians along the Asian Carp Barrier. 

  • We attached cameras to the back of 14 gates to see what animals use the gates.

What we've found:

  • We documented 10 reptile and 5 amphibian species during visual surveys along the Asian Carp Barrier.

  • We documented 9 reptile and 2 amphibian species using gates in the Asian Carp Barrier with trail cameras.
  • Motion activated trail camera attached to a gate

  • Painted Turtle caught by trail camera

  • Watersnake caught by trail camera

  • Common Snapping Turtle caught by trail camera

  • Queensnake encountered at barrier

  • Painted Turtle encountered at barrier