Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
at the North Chicago Wetland Mitigation Site


In 2016 we sampled for aquatic invertebrates and collected 11 taxa of macroinvertebrates across 3 phyla.


  • Insecta
    • Hemiptera (true bugs)
    • Coleoptera (beetles)
  • Crustaceans
    • Isopoda(isopods)
    • Amphipoda(scuds)
    • Decapoda (crayfishes)
  • Arachnida
    • Hydracarina (water mites)


  • leech 


  •   two families of Gastropods

Key indicator species were not represented in this habitat, although adult dragonflies were seen flying around the pond. This could indicate water quality issues, but further surveys are needed.


Chironomid midges, common aquatic residents of wetlands were conspicuously absent from the pond.