We have been assessing fish populations within the Tollway corridor using:

  • backpack electrofishing
  • barge electrofishing
  • and minnow seines





Tiemann, J.S., C.A. Taylor, D. Wylie, J. Lamer, P.W. Willink, F.M. Veraldi, S.M. Pescitelli, B. Lubinski, T. Thomas, R. Sauer, and B. Cantrell. 2015. Range expansions and new drainage records for select Illinois fishesTransactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 108:47-52.

Highlights from our work:

  • The streams along the I-90 corridor were quite species-rich and diverse for fishes.

  • Twenty-one threatened or endangered species and two sensitive habitat types have been found in the Rt 53 North Extension corridor historically, but thus far only 6 of the species have been found, 4 plants and 2 fishes.