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The Cache Corps of Discovery consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who have been trained to document nature and work under the auspices of the Illinois Natural History Survey. Our Mission is to provide an esthetic documentation of the natural beauty and history of the Cache River area through writing, photography, sketching, and painting, while participating as volunteers in a variety of projects.


Group Accomplishments

The Cache Corps of Discovery has been a very active and dedicated group since they were formed in 2006. In 2007, they opened an exhibit on the Cache area at the Barkhausen-Cache River Wetlands Center. Also, in 2008, the group created a series of interpetive signs for the trail behind the Wetlands Center. In 2008 they created an 12' x 12' mural entitled The Watershed of the Cache, that hangs high on the wall in the Wetlands Center. In 2009, they created a set of notecards from their photographs. The sale of these cards is raising money for wetlands preservation in the Cache River basin. In 2010, they created a brochure with photos of wildflowers that can be seen at Heron Pond. Members are also active in river cleanup, wildlife research, and other projects in the area.

The Cache Corps of Discovery are dedicated citizens documenting the aesthetic diversity of this unique landscape.

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