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Welcome to the Kaskaskia, Sam Parr and Ridge Lake Biological Stations website.  The three research stations operate under the direction of Interim Director Dr. Joe Parkos.  Our research focus is in the broad areas of fisheries ecology and management.  Ongoing projects are evaluating trophic dynamics in aquatic communities, predator-prey interactions, growth, optimal foraging, bioenergetics, behavioral ecology of fishes, and invasive species.  The primary focus is on the various life stages in fish (larvae, juveniles, adult), but as part of this work we also deal with several other trophic levels including primary producers, zooplankton, and invertebrates.  Projects are involved with the population ecology and management of a variety of fishes including largemouth bass, bluegill, walleye, crappie, catfish, gizzard shad, and esocids, as well as Asian carp in the Illinois River system.


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2015 Staff of the Kaskaskia, Ridge Lake, and Sam Parr Biological Stations.  Pictured left to right, Front Row: Joshua Tompkins, Deanne Rothermel, Sara Andree, Jessica Thornton, Cody Salzmann, Derek Apps, Eden Effert, Lisa Einfalt.  Second Row: Katie Weber, Jeff Gring, Brett Diffin, Matt Diana, Jack Dudding, David Bogner, Jared Wilson, Corey Deboom, Brett, Marcellus, Mike Nannini, Andy Casper (guest speaker), Dalon White, Scott Collins, Steven Butler, Austin Chapman, James Garavaglia, Cameron Fletcher, Jake Blakely, Jacob Holm, David Wahl.

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