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Greg Spyreas
Title: Research Scientist: Plant Ecology & Botany
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1816 S. Oak Street
Champaign, IL 61820
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Address mailcode: 652
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Location: Forbes Building (I-BLDG)
Phone: 217 300-4023

Ecological work and research that aims to bring about better conservation, restoration, management, monitoring, and understanding of natural areas and their floras/faunas-- mainly in human dominated landscapes.
Applied ecology in the Midwestern U.S., mainly related to:
---Conservation of Biodiversity;
---Non-native plant invasions;
---Restoration Ecology;
---Natural areas management;
---Urban Ecology;
---Fire Ecology;
---Human disturbance in natural areas;
---Floristic Quality Assessment;
---Oak-hickory forest regeneration;
---Vegetation monitoring
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Price, E., Spyreas, G., Matthews, J.W. 2017. Biotic homogenization of regional wetland plant communities within short time-scales in the presence of an aggressive invader. Journal of Ecology: 1-11 (PDF) (British Ecological Society
Zaya*, D.N., Pearse*, I., and Spyreas*, G. 2017. Long-term trends in midwestern milkweed abundance and their relevance to monarch butterfly declines. BioScience 67(4): 343-356 (PDF) (Oxford Press)
Spyreas, G. 2016. Scale and Sampling effects on Floristic Quality. PLoS One 11(8) (download)
Baty, J.H., Zaya, D.N., Spyreas, G., Molano-Flores, B., Benson, T.J. 2015. Conservation of the Illinois flora: A climate change vulnerability assessment of 73 plant species. Illinois Natural History Survey, Technical Report (32) (PDF)
Jessop, J., G. Spyreas, G. Pociask, T.J. Benson, M. Ward, A. Kent, and J.W. Matthews. 2015. Tradeoffs among ecosystem services in restored wetlands. Biological Conservation 191: 341-348 (PDF) (Science Direct)
Matthews, J.W., Spyreas, G. and Long, C.M. 2015. A null model test of Floristic Quality Assessment: Are plant species’ Coefficients of Conservatism valid? Ecological Indicators. 52: 1–7 (PDF) (Science Direct)
Spyreas, G., Meiners, S., Matthews, J.W., and Molano-Flores, B. 2012. Successional trends in Floristic Quality. Journal of Applied Ecology 49(2): 339-348 (PDF) (WIley)

McClain, W. E., T. L. Esker, B. R. Edgin, G. Spyreas, and J. E. Ebinger. 2010. Fire History of a post oak (Quercus stellata Wang.) woodland in Hamilton County, Illinois U.S.A. Castanea 75(4) 461-474.(PDF) (BioOne)

Spyreas, G., B. W. Wilm, A.E. Plocher, D.M. Ketzner, J. W. Matthews, J. Ellis, E. J. Heske. 2010. Biological consequences of invasion by reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea). Biological Invasions 12(5): 1253-1267.(PDF) (Springerlink)

Lankau, R., V. Nuzzo, G. Spyreas, and A. S. Davis. 2009. New evolutionary limits ameliorate the negative impact of an invasive plant. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106(36): 15362-15367.(PDF) (National Academy of Sciences) (PubMed)

Spyreas, G. and J.W. Matthews. 2006. Floristic conservation value, nested understory floras, and the development of second-growth forest. Ecological Applications 16(4): 1351-1366.(PDF) (JSTOR)

Spyreas, G., J. Ellis, C. Carroll, B. Molano-Flores. 2004. Non-native plant commonness and dominance in the forests, wetlands, and grasslands of Illinois, USA. Natural Areas Journal 24(4):290-299.(PDF) (NAA Journal)

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Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
Professional society involvement and activities:
Editorial Board, Ecological Restoration
Editorial Board, Erigenia

PHD, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, 2014

MS, Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 2000

BA, Environmental Studies, Denison University, 1997

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Illinois Natural History Survey

1816 South Oak Street, MC 652
Champaign, IL 61820

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