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Solidago arguta
Hairy goldenrod, Boott's goldenrod, Atlantic goldenrod, Goldenrod, Sharp-toothed goldenrod, Louisiana goldenrod

Synonyms: Solidago neurolepis, Solidago boottii var. ludoviciana, Solidago arguta var. arguta, Solidago strigosa, Solidago ludoviciana, Solidago arguta ssp. arguta, Solidago arguta var. neurolepis, Solidago boottii, Solidago arguta var. strigosa, Solidago arguta var. boottii

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Species Distribution
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County Map Legend
Not known from county
Medium confidence:
Medium or unknown confidence;
often old records or unverifiable observations
Medium-high confidence:
Often observations by expert botanists
High confidence:
Often vouchered herbarium records
Planted / introduced:
Native species introduced outside historic range,
or only in planted locations within county (e.g., restorations)
Historic / extirpated:
Only historic records for the species; likely extirpated
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Species Status

Status/Listing: No Information

Notes:This species has recently been lumped with several other Solidago, such that it now considered a single polymorphic species. A hybrid of this species may also occurr in Illinois as Solidago x neurolepis (aka Solidago arguta var. neurolepis)

Origin: Native

Species Description

General: Dicot-herb, perennial

Roots: adventitious, fibrous

Shoots: alternate, basal leaf arrangment; simple leaf type; serrate leaf margin; Pinnate leaf venation; lanceolate leaf shape

Inflorescence: panicle, head

Flowers: perfect, unisexual, monoecious; 5 merous; yellow; epigynous ovary position

Fruit: achene

Physiology: autotrophic; C3 C02 fixation

Reproduction: sexual

Ecology & Natural History

Habitat: Species is distributed in open woods - presently found on a cherty slope. Species is distributed in rocky, open woods, rich wooded slopes along bluffs and escarpments. Species is distributed in rocky, open woods, escarpments.

ILPIN Notes: Rays are pistillate and fertile; disk flowers are perfect. Species is complex; interpreted here to include plants separated by some workers as Solidago bootii Hook. and S. strigosa Small. Basal leaves are broadly ovate and in a rosette; other leaves are dark green, rather thick. Species is desirable for a woodland garden; does best in dry open woods with little competition. Disk florets are perfect and fertile; ray florets are pistillate and fertile. This plant has a stout, branched caudex. Species has dark green, thick leaves; large rosettes of basal leaves, and showy flowers. Species has dark green, thick leaves, large rosettes of basal leaves. Disk florets are perfect and fertile; ray florets are pistillate and fertile. Species is desirable for woodland garden. It does best in dry, open woodlands with little competition. This is a desirable plant for woodland gardens. It does best in dry, open woodlands with little competition. Disk florets are perfect and fertile; ray florets are sterile. Species has a small caudex and at least sometimes long creeping rhizomes. Species is dark green, has thick leaves and large rosettes of basal leaves.

Functional Relationships:

  • Pollinators: insect
  • Dispersal:
  • Mycorrhizae:
  • N2 fixation:

Human Relationships:

  • Edibility [?] : yes
  • Showy Flowers: high

Wildlife and Livestock Information:

  • Food Value: deer: good
  • Cover Value:

Coefficient of Conservatism (C-value) [?] :

  • Entire State: 10
  • Chicago Area:

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