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The Movement & Dispersal

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Over the years, we've tried lots of collecting methods to track the movement & dispersal of 
insects, birds, bats, even micro-organisms such as fungi in the atmosphere.

Some from the ground looking up with radar (left), ground truthing with tetroons (right)

radar for detecting migrating biotatetroon ground truthing results of radar echos

Some bringing samples back to earth by piloting from the ground. 
(What a job! Getting paid for working with model airplanes!!)

model airplane with net collector for leafhopper samplingmodel airplane collecting fungal spores

Although you might wish for a strong wind to displace the stench of the stockyards,
this truck-mounted stable fly sampling system might have trouble doing its job.

truck nets used to trap stable flies in stockyards

Of course, some methods were very labor intensive, such as this whitefly sampling rig 
under the grueling Arizona sun
(sacrifices to our science)

trapping whiteflies

and not all experiments succeed...

one too many crashes with the model airplane lands it in the trash bin

Still, it's been and continues to be a great run...fascinating research with great people!!

1996 in Tucson, University of Arizona

Meeting in Tucson, Arizona

1999 at North Carolina State University in Raleigh

meeting at NC State 1999

2000 at Michigan State University in East Lansing

meeting in 2000 in East Lansing, MI
meeting in 2000 in East Lansing, MI
meeting in 2000 in East Lansing, MI

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