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INHS researchers collaborate with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and other agencies and organizations to better understand and protect the wildlife of Illinois.

Examples of research in wildlife ecology

Chronic Wasting Diesease prevalence and the efficacy of deer management programs

Cats and the risk of Toxoplasmosis in terrestrial wildlife

Occurrence of Black-legged ticks and Lyme disease in small mammal populations

Long-term monitoring of the endangered Massasauga

Effect of infectious diseases on free-ranging box turtles

Illinois Bat Conservation Program 

Bat White Nose Syndrome

Monitoring marsh turtle communities in urban landscapes
The role of anurans in the enzootic cycle of West Nile Virus
Effects of terrestrial habitat degradation on freshwater turtle communities
Population structure of pond-breeding amphibians
Factors influencing anuran breeding and recruitment success
Response of a snake community to habitat management

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