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Agricultural entomology has been a focus of the INHS since its inception over 150 years ago.  The Office of the State Entomologist was established in 1867 when Benjamin D. Walsh was appointed (1867 - 1869), followed by William LeBaron (1870 - 1875), Cyrus Thomas (1875 - 1882), and Stephen A. Forbes (1882 - 1917).  Though different titles have been used over the years (State Entomologist, Chief Entomologist, Section Head for Economic Entomology) the distinction of the entomological research has not diminished and continues to this day, with researchers studying soybean aphids, western corn rootworms, and other threats to the agricultural economy of Illinois.

For a more detailed history read the Entomological History.

Examples of INHS Research in Agroecology


Gut bacteria in western corn rootworm
Invertebrates in organic systems
Organic systems


Articles from INHS Reports

Sweeter than honey: honey bee health (2010)

Transition to organic production (2009)

Effectiveness of crop rotation on corn rootworms (2002)

Monitoring the spread of western corn rootworm beetles infesting Illinois soybean fields (1999)

Soybean aphids and the search for natural enemies (2002)

Rootworm problems in first-year corn (1996)

Aphids and disease spread in crops (1995)

Western corn rootworm problems (1995)

Complex life-cycle puzzles (1997)


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