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The Forbes Biological Field Station, established in 1894, conducts research on a variety of topics relevant to wetland ecosystems, with a specific focus on the ecology and management of wetlands, waterfowl, and other waterbirds.

The Wetlands Science Program works closely with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to identify, protect, maintain, and restore wetlands in Illinois. This program performs biological surveys and wetland delineations; monitors rehabilitation and restoration of mitigation wetlands; and conducts studies related to the ecology and conservation of wetland ecosystems.

Examples of wetland ecological research

Estimation of Moist-soil Plant Seed Abundance for Waterfowl on Public Lands in Illinois

Waterfowl & Wetland Habitat Monitoring at the Emiquon Preserve

Historical and Contemporary Characteristics of Illinois River Valley Wetlands: A Geospatial Database for Conservation Planning and Evaluation

Wetland Restoration

Floristics Studies

Soil Studies

Habitat Assessment

Invasive Plants

Taxonomy and Systematics

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