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What is a CFOAPAL? 

  • A CFOAPAL is the string of digits that tie to your source of funds.
  • Keep a running list of your CFO_PA at hand!


C = Campus = Urbana-Champaign = 1


F = Fund = 6 digits tied to your unique grant, gift, or plant/facilities source


                6 digits indicating a State/GRF, ICR/PI allotment, or self supporting source


O = Organization = 3 digits indicating INHS (375) plus 3 unique digits representing your sub-organization, such as a field station


A = Account = 6 digits describing the type of expense or income. You DO NOT need to know this.


P = Program = 6 digits tied to your State/GRF, ICR/PI allotment, or self supporting source


                    6 digits indicating a grant, gift, or plant/facilities source


A = Activity = 6 digits established by INHS to further distinguish your funds.


L = Location = 6 digits we don't use (we have plenty already, thanks!)

Last update September 21, 2015; contact Wendy Harris, wgharris (at) with suggested changes

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