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Travel reference guide

Common Travel Account codes

Academic Professional Development Funds (through Provost Office)

Request to travel

Advanced approval is required for all University travel, including day trips. We have a short term travel request form for out-of-state, international, and occasional travel. We have a long term travel request form for frequent travel, ie. for fieldwork.

The forms must be routed to the traveler's supervisor, then the PI (if not the same as the supervisor), and then to Cathy Bialeschki ( for Director approval.

Travel requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the trip. You will need to include the purpose of travel/benefit to the grant (if applicable). Follow these links for the latest domestic and foreign per diem rates and hotel maximum rates.

PRI Prior Approval Travel Request Form (for overnight trips in-state or out-of-state that are not covered by the frequent travel form; not needed for in-state day trips)

Frequent Travel Request Form (for field work or ongoing travel)- Applicable for those who will travel 5 or more times for the same purpose in the given 6 month period. Forms will be run in January and July for approval by each supervisor and PI. Contact Cathy Bialeschki ( or Adam Deany ( if you have questions.

Travel arrangements

Airfare: use a TCard, or hold the tickets and have Angela Young (1004 Forbes), Cathy Bialeschki (1003 Forbes), or your field station administrator purchase for you

Amtrak: use a TCard or pay and be reimbursed later

Conference registration: use a TCard or PCard, pay and be reimbursed later, or complete the form and then see Angela Young (1004 Forbes) or Cathy Bialeschki (1003 Forbes) to have a credit card number added.

Hotel: use a TCard or pay and be reimbursed later. Note there are limits on how much you can pay for domestic and international travel. If the hotel is for a visitor, you may also have Angela Young (1004 Forbes) or Cathy Bialeschki (1003 Forbes) pay for the hotel.

Vehicle use

Paying for travel

Domestic: You will need receipts for any charge $10 or over, except for meals. Receipts must show PAID, zero balance, and/or credit card number (XXXX1234) and type of card. They should be itemized.

International: You can be reimbursed for actual lodging costs (with receipts translated into English), or you can claim the lodging per diem (no receipt required), based on the U.S. Department of State rates. Meals and incidental travel expenses (reasonable laundry, dry cleaning, baggage transport and handling) can be claimed using the M&IE rates at the same site. See the Reimbursement page for help on using the U.S. Department of State site.

Reimbursement request through TEM

TCard reconciliation




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