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Greg Spyreas
Title: Plant Ecologist-Botanist
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1816 S. Oak Street
Champaign, IL 61820
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Address mailcode: 652
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Location: Forbes Building (I-BLDG)
Phone: 217 300-4023

Ecological research that aims to bring about better conservation, restoration, management, monitoring, and understanding of natural areas and their floras/faunas-- mainly in human dominated landscapes.
Applied ecology in the Midwestern U.S., mainly related to:
---Conservation of Biodiversity;
---Non-native plant invasions;
---Restoration Ecology;
---Natural areas management;
---Urban Ecology;
---Fire Ecology;
---Human disturbance in natural areas;
---Floristic Quality Assessment;
---Oak-hickory forest regeneration;
---Vegetation monitoring
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Professional affiliations:
Selected publications:
Jessop, J., G. Spyreas, G. Pociask, T.J. Benson, M. Ward, A. Kent, and J.W. Matthews. 2015. Tradeoffs among ecosystem services in restored wetlands. Biological Conservation 191: 341-348 (PDF) (Science Direct)
Matthews, J.W., Spyreas, G. and Long, C.M. 2015. A null model test of Floristic Quality Assessment: Are plant species’ Coefficients of Conservatism valid? Ecological Indicators. 52: 1–7 (PDF) (Science Direct)
Spyreas, G., Meiners, S., Matthews, J.W., and Molano-Flores, B. 2012. Successional trends in Floristic Quality. Journal of Applied Ecology 49(2): 339-348 (PDF) (WIley)

McClain, W. E., T. L. Esker, B. R. Edgin, G. Spyreas, and J. E. Ebinger. 2010. Fire History of a post oak (Quercus stellata Wang.) woodland in Hamilton County, Illinois U.S.A. Castanea 75(4) 461-474.(PDF) (BioOne)

Matthews, J.W. and Spyreas, G. 2010. Convergence and divergence in wetland restoration trajectories as a framework for monitoring restoration progress Journal of Applied Ecology 47(5): 1128-1136. (PDF) (Wiley)

Chen, H., H. Qian, G. Spyreas, and M. Crossland. 2010. Native-exotic species richness relationships across spatial scales and biotic homogenization in wetland plant communities of Illinois, USA. Diversity and Distributions 16(5): 737-743. (PDF) (Wiley)

Spyreas, G., B. W. Wilm, A.E. Plocher, D.M. Ketzner, J. W. Matthews, J. Ellis, E. J. Heske. 2010. Biological consequences of invasion by reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea). Biological Invasions 12(5): 1253-1267.(PDF) (Springerlink)

Lankau, R., V. Nuzzo, G. Spyreas, and A. S. Davis. 2009. New evolutionary limits ameliorate the negative impact of an invasive plant. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106(36): 15362-15367.(PDF) (National Academy of Sciences) (PubMed)

Matthews, J.M., G. Spyreas, and A. Endress. 2009. Trajectories of vegetation-based indicators used to assess wetland restoration progress. Ecological Applications 19(8):2093-2107. (PDF) (ESA)

Spyreas, G. and J.W. Matthews. 2006. Floristic conservation value, nested understory floras, and the development of second-growth forest. Ecological Applications 16(4): 1351-1366.(PDF) (JSTOR)

Spyreas, G., J. Ellis, C. Carroll, B. Molano-Flores. 2004. Non-native plant commonness and dominance in the forests, wetlands, and grasslands of Illinois, USA. Natural Areas Journal 24(4):290-299.(PDF) (NAA Journal)

Gibson, D.J., G. Spyreas, and J. Benedict. 2002. Life history of Microstegium vimineum (Poaceae), an invasive grass in southern Illinois. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Club 129(3): 207-219.(PDF) (JSTOR)

Spyreas, G., D.J. Gibson, and M. Basinger. 2001. Endophyte infection levels of native and naturalized fescues in Illinois and England. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Club 128: 25-34.(PDF) (JSTOR)

Spyreas, G., D.J. Gibson, and B.A. Middleton. 2001. Effects of Endophyte Infection in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea: Poaceae) on Community Diversity. International Journal of Plant Sciences 162(6): 1237-1245.(PDF) (OpenSIUC)
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Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
Professional society involvement and activities:
Editorial Board, Ecological Restoration          2014-present
Editorial Board, Northeastern Naturalist         2011-present

PHD, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, 2014

MS, Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 2000

BA, Environmental Studies, Denison University, 1997

Lab name: Lab research: Lab publications: Lab current projects: spyreas

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