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Michelle M Horath
Title: Wildlife Biologist
Mailing address:
Forbes Biological Station
20003 CR 1770E
PO Box 590
Havana, IL 62644
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20003 CR 1770E
Havana, IL 62644
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Location: FBS
Phone: 217-300-4061

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Selected publications:

Havera, S. P., S. G. Wood, and M. M. Georgi.  1992. Blood and tissue parameters in wild mallards redosed with lead shot.  Bull. Environ.  Contam. Toxicol. 49:238-245.

Havera, S. P., C. S. Hine, and M. M. Georgi.  1994.  Waterfowl hunter compliance with nontoxic shot regulations in Illinois.  Wildl. Soc. Bull. 22(3):454-460.

Havera, S. P., A. P. Yetter, C. S. Hine, and M. M. Georgi.  1995. Some misconceptions about conflicts between waterfowl and fisheries management.  Proc. Annu. Upper Mississippi River Conserv. Com.  51:26-41.

Havera, S. P., L. R. Boens, M. M. Georgi, and R. T. Shealy.  1992.  Human disturbance of waterfowl on Keokuk Pool, Mississippi River.  Wildl. Soc. Bull. 20(3):290-298.

Havera, S.P. and M.M. Horath. 2008. The rites of passage
Stafford, J. D., M. M. Horath, A. P. Yetter, C. S. Hine, and S. P. Havera.  2007.  Wetland use by mallards during spring and fall in the Illinois and central Mississippi river valleys.  Waterbirds 30(3): 394-402.
Stafford, J. D., M. M. Horath, A. P. Yetter, R. V. Smith, and C. S. Hine.  2010.  Historical and contemporary characteristics and waterfowl use of Illinois River valley wetlands.  Wetlands (2010) 30:565-576.
Smith, R.V., J.D. Stafford, A.P. Yetter, M.M. Horath, C.S. Hine, and J.P. Hoover.  2012.  Foraging ecology of fall-migrating shorebirds in the Illinois River valley.  PLoS ONE 7(9):  e45121.  doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0045121.
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The Wildlife Society (TWS)
North Central Section of TWS
Illinois Chapter of TWS, Councilperson-at-large

BS, Environmental Biology, Eastern Illinois University, 1982

BS, Zoology, Eastern Illinois University, 1982

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