iCLAM: Illinois Consortium for Land and Aquatic Mollusks

A group of nearly 50 biologists, aquatic managers, private consultants and concerned citizens met on February 25, 2016 to discuss, present, and filter topics related to freshwater mollusk conservation in Illinois.  

Full agenda can be found here.

Presentations are linked below, organized alphabetically by last name:

Ders Anderson - Observations of the effects of the 2012 drought on mussel habitat

Steve Buck - Freshwater mussels in a small prairie/ag stream in Champaign County, IL - external ring patterns and frequency of annual mussel movement

Scott ChiavacciUsing structured decision making to develop restoration criteria for freshwater mussel Species in Greatest Need of Conservation

Kevin Cummings - Select mussel resources for Illinois biologists

Jessi DeMartini - Propagating Lampsilis cardium / Lampsilis siliquoidea at the Urban Stream Research Center at DuPage County Forest Preserve

Sarah Douglass - INHS Kishwaukee mussel projects

Brant Fisher - Indiana’s Northern Riffleshell project

Andrea Fritts - Freshwater mussel shells chronicle changes over the past 1000 years

Nathan Grider - A Quick Tour of the IDNR Aquatic Impact Review Program and Your Role as Managers and Researchers

Jeremiah Haas - Quad Cities Nuclear Station mussel program history and overview

Kelly Hannan - The physiological effects of CO2, in the context of a non-physical barrier to fish movement, on freshwater mussels

Donovan Henry - Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership mussel projects

Ann Holtrop - IDNR needs for mussels and updating EORs

Jim Lamer - Western Illinois University’s mussel collection

Joe Jordan - Update on upper Mississippi River mussel activities

Joshua Peters - Lack of mitochondrial DNA data in Lampsilis species and using field work and museum collections to fill in the gaps

Diane Shasteen - Mussel presence in Illinois and the USEPA recommended ammonia water quality standard

Alison StodolaRecent updates for freshwater mussels for the Wildlife Action Plan and Stream Campaign

Jeremy TiemannVermilion River mussel projects – from reintroductions to dam removal

Jeremy TiemannExotic freshwater mollusks in Illinois

Rachel VinselGlochidia presence on Asian carp and native fishes in the Illinois River



Questions?  Email Jeremy Tiemann, jtiemann@illinois.edu