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Class Cephalaspidomorphi


Class Osteichthyes

Order Acipenseriformes


Order Lepisosteiformes


Order Amiiformes

  • Family Amiidae: Bowfins
  • Amia calva Linnaeus - bowfin


Order Osteoglossiformes


Order Anguilliformes


Order Clupeiformes


Order Cypriniformes


  • Family Cobitidae
  • Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (Cantor) - Oriental weatherfish I 


Order Siluriformes


Order Salmoniformes


Order Percopsiformes


Order Gadiformes

  • Family Gadidae
  • Lota lota (Linnaeus) - burbot


Order Atheriniformes

  • Family Atherinidae:Silversides
  • Labidesthes sicculus (Cope) - brook silverside
  • Menidia beryllina (Cope) - inland siverside I


Order Cyprinodontiformes


Order Gasterosteiformes


Order Scorpaeniformes


Order Perciformes


Order Perciformes

(Y) = Extinct
FE = Federally Endangered
X = Extirpated from Illinois
SE = Illinois State Endangered
ST = Illinois State Threatened
WL = Illinois Watch List
I = Introduced

Maps show fish deposited in the INHS Fish Collection, 1920-1999. (.GIF format)

This list is maintained by Chris Taylor and Jeremy Tiemann.  We are in the process of updating names and conservation status of Illinois fishes.
Updated 3/20/2017

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